2000s Trends Making A Comeback in 2020

It really is true what they say, history always repeats itself! Fashion trends also come and go and while we wish for some trends to die a quick and painful death, others remain a staple of the era. Here are some of my favorite fashion trends of the millenium that are reemerging in 2020 👏


The most iconic and definitely the comeback I’m most excited for is the Juicy Couture tracksuit! These were EVERYWHERE and the uniform of nearly every celebrity in the 2000s. Paris Hilton was the poster girl for the Juicy Couture uniform and I still long for the baby pink tracksuit to this day. As of right now, it doesn’t look like there are any available on Juicy Couture’s website but you can still find a few around the internet & on apps like Poshmark. I have a feeling Juicy Couture has a launch in the works as a tribute to the original velour & Terry cloth  tracksuits – but for now it looks like they have a limited collection with Urban Outfitters EU that ships worldwide.


Denim on denim with the more rips the better! I’m still sad to this day my mom would never let me buy jeans with rips 😂 Must be why I’m so obsessed with distressed jeans as an adult. Lucky Brand and True Religion jeans are a staple of the 2000s and I’ve found some killer deals on designer jean brands at second hand stores like Buffalo Exchange! I’m not huge on thrifting but when it comes to jeans I just can’t bring myself to pay more when there are some amazing affordable options! Which brings me to my first 2000s jean staple comeback: flared jeans! These ones from Fashion Nova are the perfect transitional piece to add to your wardrobe at a reasonable price. They also get bonus points because they’re stretchy, give me elastic in my jeans or give me death!

Cut off jean shorts are my second favorite, but I’m over the low rise days. Seriously, I don’t think one person on earth would even lie and say those things are comfortable. The higher the rise the better. Personally I think the best cut off shorts are done DIY style. Pick up some Levi’s on sale and give them new life by cutting them into shorts, adding fun patches, and customizing the distress.


If you’ve been following me for awhile you might have heard me say I’m not huge on lipgloss. In fact, I’ve been big on matte nude lips for at least the last two years – HOWEVER I think the tides are quickly changing. Lancôme just recently re-launched their juicy tubes in celebration of it’s original launch 20 years ago. While I never had the original, the shade “birthday confetti” seemed all too fitting to not pick up considering it’s my birthday – any excuse to treat myself 😉. When I think of lipgloss, I used to think of sticky uncomfortable lips, but let me tell you this is not that at all. I was surprised at how hydrating it was and the pale pink with pop of sparkle really seals the deal for early 2000s throwback.

Two of my favorite more affordable lipglosses (with nostalgic squeeze tube included) are Colourpop’s  So Juicy Plumping Gloss ($8) and C.O. Bigelow’s Plum Mint Mentha Lip Tint ($7.50). Seriously if you haven’t tried a purple tinted gloss, do it!! It gives a universal “oomph” that pulls the life back into your face and is flattering on everyone.  If you want a little more pout the Colourpop one also doubles as a lip plumper and comes in every color under the sun at a price that won’t break the bank.

It would be a travesty if I didn’t mention the gold standard of lipgloss in the 2000s – MAC! Mac Lipglass in “Nymphette” was the first ever lipgloss I owned in high school. Back then Mac Cosmetics was the ONLY brand to consider buying and I would go to the counter inside Macy’s with my mom whenever there was a special occasion such as a school dance or birthday. Just the smell of their lipglosses takes me back to exactly then and for that reason they’ll always have a special place in my heart!


Who remembers these tattoo-esque plastic stretchy necklaces? I can’t believe these exact ones are back in style and I can’t say I hate it. They’re such a fun carefree accessory that reminds you to not take life too seriously. I love the velvet ribbon chokers and Britney Spears seems to be a fan too because she’s being wearing the exact one in the photo above lately! Although I do vividly remember getting one of these suckers stuck on my neck as a kid and ripping it off in shear panic 😂. Don’t pay more than $1 for one of these, my go-to place for cheap trends like this one is definitely eBay.

I’m going to expand on the choker trend to include any short chain necklace. I’ve been loving dainty chains with initials and small pendants because they fit nicely right above the t-shirt neckline. One trend I’ve seen pop up lately is the gothic style date of birth (pictured above) which gives me major Gwen Stefani rocker vibes. I found some affordable ones on etsy from a great seller, linked below!


Crop tops and belly baring tees were all the rage of the 2000s – que Britney Spear’s “Oops I Did It Again” to start playing in the background. Low rise jeans are one thing I’m not ready to welcome back into my wardrobe, but a crop top with some high waisted jeans, yes please! Short cropped shirts (aka “baby tees”) are great to pair with high waisted shorts and can even make sweatpants A LOOK. My favorite ones are from Brandy Melville, there’s something about the cut and the softness of their tees that make them soo comfortable and flattering!

Graphic tees are also making their way back into 2020. Wearing graphic tees in 2000 was all about profound statements such as “DUMP HIM!” or “LOSE MY NUMBER,” but modern day is all about rocker tees. Oversized rocker tees paired with bike shorts have been the casual weekend look of the season. Now, I’m not usually one to rep a band shirt unless 1. I went to the concert and bought the shirt as a memory or 2. I absolutely love the band and also #1. But I absolutely had to have this Rolling Stones tee with the leopard tongue I’ve been seeing influencers rep everywhere. Their version was ridiculously overpriced so I found a small business on Etsy that does vinyl screen printing. It was affordable and my version was able to be customized with glitter lips 👄


If I could bling everything I legitimately would. Seriously, I purchased so many rhinestones during quarantine and actually tried. After getting through about 2 projects I forgot how tedious it was!! I’ve never been afraid of a little (or a lot) of sparkle so get ready to see me from outer space. I recently discovered Bling’d Up, an online shop that will literally bling anything and everything in Swarovski crystals 😍 Just look at how amazing that bling Starbucks cup is OMG. I’ve been seeing these things everywhere on YouTube ever since Trisha Paytas started repping them. I would consider making one on my own but I legitimately do not know how this shop gets them to look so intricate and perfect!

Which trends are your favorite from the early 2000s? 🍒


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