Hot or Not: CROCS (Spoiler Alert They’re Hot and Here’s 5 Ways to Wear Them)

Me to my mom 10 years ago: I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing those! They’re so ugly!

Me earlier this year: I can’t believe people are wearing those unironically

Me now: I need these in every color with ALL the charms

First it was Toms, then it was Birkenstocks, and now it’s CROCS. Love them or hate them Crocs are having a moment, a big moment. At first I was straight up opposed to ever adorning a pair of these hideous hospital shoes on my feet. Fast forward to now: if Ariana Grande can rock them, then I can too! And with socks! Still hideous? Yes, but in the type of way that people love little dogs with smooshed up faces. Dislike has never turned into obsession so quickly and now I find myself googling how to style them, which colors are the most on trend, and what charms are the cutest to decorate them with.

Who thought these ugly shoes would go from being the punchline to one of the hottest trends of 2020 (100% on brand for this year if you ask me). So with all things I’m outrageously obsessed with, I’ve done extensive research on all things Crocs, and without further ado I bring you the top 5 ways to wear them 😜


Ok I can feel the collective hesitation with this one, but if Ariana Grande can do it, so can you! Personally I love the monochromatic look with socks that are the same color as your crocs, but you can also go all out with a fun tie dye color to compliment your solid colored Crocs.


Because if you’re going to wear these babies, you’re going to wear them LOUD AND PROUD. Neon pink, yellow, lime green… HELLO! If bright colors are a little too bold for you there are also fun pastel colors to choose from (my personal favorite)


I saw someone post about these strawberry printed Crocs online and how her DMs instantly blew up with people inquiring about them. My first thought was, why? Second, ok they’re cute I think I get it. Third, I think I need those. Why strawberries? I have no idea but they’re fun, quirky, and a sure way to stand out from the crowd if you weren’t certain your choice of shoe was offensive enough.4. ALL THE JIBBITZ

If you’re new to the Crocs world, let me educate you. Jibbitz are these cute little charms you can use to customize your Crocs with, at first glance you might think they’re a little hoaky like I did, but if you’re diving in head first to the world of Crocs these little guys are a need to express anything your heart desires right on your shoe. Each pair of Crocs has 13 ventilation holes, that’s a whole lotta room to express your favorite things and deepest thoughts.


These are entirely custom and offered by 3rd party sellers…. they’ll cost you a pretty penny but just LOOK AT THEM. Look at these sparkly babies in all their glory. I knew Crocs were making a comeback when I saw Trisha Paytas rock a totally bedazzled hot pink pair.

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