Quarantine Skincare Routine

It’s the weekend!! 🎉  I know for a lot of us most days are lumping into one giant blur – for me it’s migrating from my desk to the couch, and sometimes still in my pjs 😂 The other day I decided that I had to start working out again to supplement my new and improved quarantine lifestyle. I decided on 100 squats a day and arm exercises (my idea of starting out slow and simple LOL) and let me tell you I am feeling the burn today. I’ve been keeping busy with all of my new hobbies  and I forgot how challenging and rewarding having a website is. My goal is to post at least 3x per week so stay tuned for more fun and exciting posts 😊  If you want to be notified each time there is new content you can subscribe to my blog by using the button in my sidebar!

  1.  Clean and Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser, $4.99; First step is to have a good face wash. I really feel like you don’t have to get too fancy with this step and my tried and true is from the drugstore. This one will kick any dirt and gunk off your face and it has a nice refreshing citrus scent that really helps to wake you up. It’s great for all skin types and helps keep acne at bay. It’s also hypoallergenic as well as oil and aluminum free so it won’t clog your pores.
  2. Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Intensive Brightening Regimen 15%, $99; This step is new to my skincare routine and I’ve always heard it’s good to have a nice Vitamin C serum to brighten and even skin tone. So I picked up this one by Perricone MD during the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty sale because I really mean business. Quite frankly the only reason why I bought the Rolls Royce of vitamin C was because it was on sale. I think it’s included in the sale every year if you want to throw it in your “save for later” cart. I’ve also been wanting to try this one from The Ordinary and it’s only $5.80!!!
  3. Proactiv Advanced Dark Spot Correcting Serum, $50; This one is also a recent purchase but I scoured the internet reviews before buying it. I’m a fan of Proactive since I grew up using their products but if you’re going to use it I 1000% do not recommend using their subscription service, I buy mine from Sephora. I picked up this product because I wanted to give hydroquinone a go for fading dark spots and skin discoloration. This one has 2% hydroquinone which is the highest amount you can get over the counter without getting a prescription and it’s used to lighten dark spots, melisma, age spots, and even freckles. 
  4.  Vitamin E Oil, $14.95; I use this one I bought off amazon because in addition to vitamin E it also has rosehip and jojoba oil which are amazing in hydrating the skin while countering dullness, pigmentation, and scarring. Vitamin E will help your skin restore itself from sun damage and prevent cell damage by removing free radicals. This is a quick absorbing oil and it won’t leave you overly greasy (although I tend to use mine at night before bed). I like this product because it has the combination of all three oils and wanted the most bang for my buck. I recently discovered that mixing it with your nightly moisturizer and applying it to your face at night will have the BEST results for baby soft skin. It also doubles as a great nail cuticle oil.
  5. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, $25; K Beauty is all the rage in skincare right now and the proof is in the pudding because this night moisturizer will hydrate the years right off your skin. Mix it with the oil mentioned above and even the driest of Sahara desert skintypes (like myself) will be hydrated to the heavens.

Lastly, as I mentioned before, wear SPF!!! I know most of us aren’t seeing much daylight lately (myself included) which is why I didn’t mention this in my regimen above. Which skincare essentials are in your beauty routine? I’ve been sleuthing reddit lately and I discovered /SkincareAddiction so I know I’m not the only one! 😂

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